As the President of Toastmasters@Ideon, my main responsibility is ensuring that all members stay committed and motivated to fulfil the goals that brought them to Toastmasters. 
This year I want to make sure that every member makes progress on their chosen path, experience personal and professional growth through continuous encouragement, guidance, and mentorship in the Pathways learning experience.
Mobile: +46767819661
Agnes M. Lindvall


Bianca Pedrini

As a secretary of the board, I will correspond to other officers and maintain the administrative tasks in the club. But beyond my secretary role, being  a Toastmaster is a learning and growing journey! I am willing to answer all your curiosity and inquires about how to become a member, why you should join us, what you can benefit from Toastmasters@Ideon.

In a word, talk to me if you are interested in Toastmasters! 

Mobile:+46 722304034

Vice President of Education (VPE)

Joana  Campus

I am responsible for providing information and support on the Toastmasters' education plan to all members and prospective members. I support our members in achieving their goals and striving for success.
Every meeting I will prepare the agenda together with the Toastmaster of the evening and I will make sure all prepared speeches are included in the Pathways program of each member. I will provide education sessions to supplement our members' learning curve.


Vice Present of Membership

Naishi Meng Lidé

My role is to welcome and support all of you who are interested in or new to Toastmasters@Ideon.

Please contact me if you would like to visit our club as a guest or to become a member of our club - I'm happy to answer any of your questions.

We have an open, friendly, and supporting platform for you to learn, improve and better yourself. Come and join us!

Contact Information:
Mobile: 0046723615091


Joakim Mårtensson

I am in charge of finance at Toastmasters@Ideon.

Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR)

Mohammad Khafagi

As VPPR of Toastmaster@Ideon, I am responsible for distributing our meeting information as many channels as possible to attract both members and new guests. My goal is to make our club well known with good reputation in this area.

I wish all the members are proud of joining our club and all the guests will become members of us. Practice your communication skills and leadership skills, come on!


Sergeant at Arms 

Wondwosen Michago Seide

I am responsible to make the Club meeting comfortable and suitable. I welcome you at the gate to our bimonthly regular meeting.

Look forward to meeting you.

Contact Information:
Mobile: +46735855603